Rush Finder Privacy

Except as noted below, Rush Finder does not knowingly send any of the information in the application or database to anyone including ourselves.

Rush Finder periodically stores, in its local database, the distance and bearing from your current location to multiple broadcast radio station antennas. This information is overwritten each internal update.

Depending on your device settings the database file may be backed up by Apple services to iCloud. If the database is backed up to iCloud, then Apple’s privacy policies apply.

Rush Finder uses Google AdMob to provide advertising and revenue to the developers. Google’s AdMob policies can be found by searching the internet.

If you have email setup on your device, certain versions of Rush Finder may contain functionality to email a debug report to the developers.

This email contains the log, a screen grab of the current view, information about your device including a unique identifier, and a place for you to describe your problem.

The email is not sent automatically, meaning you must manually tap the ‘Send’ button. Prior to sending you may edit or delete any of the information in the email.

More information about the unique identifier can be found by searching the internet for ‘UIDevice’ and ‘identifierForVendor’.

All information sent to developers is used only for the purpose of debugging Rush Finder.