Welcome to Fairwind Software!

Fairwind Software provides contract services for the analysis, design, development and optimization of software, databases, and networks. We have an emphasis on Linux data management including machine learning, data mining, data conversion, and analytics. We also specialize in Swift software development for both Linux servers and Apple iOS.

Services include:

  • Installation and maintenance of on-site or cloud LedgerSMB accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and ERP systems
  • Sales, shipping, marketing, cost, engineering, and other performance analysis and data mining using statistics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies
  • Data clean up and conversion
  • Custom software development – iOS, Linux, and macOS
  • Linux installation and maintenance
  • PostgreSQL installation and maintenance
  • Fixing out of control or otherwise problematic technical projects

Our core competencies include:

We help maintain the following open or free software:

  • LedgerSMB – Open source accounting and ERP software using PostgreSQL database.
  • RPostgreSQL – Connector between the R programming language and PostgreSQL databases.
  • postgres.lsp – Connector between newLisp programming language and PostgreSQL databases.
  • PostgreSQLForMac – an object oriented library for interfacing Swift or Objective-C to a PostgreSQL databases.