BBQ Sheriff

BBQ Sheriff is a BBQ contest scoring software application. The biggest problem in scoring a BBQ Contest is using and calculating scores such that ties are minimized and the scores accurately reflect the judge’s intensions.

Many people use spreadsheets or other manual methods. These can take up to 4 hours after the last round of judging to complete and cross-check for errors.

Our inexpensive barbecue contest scoring system, BBQ Sheriff, completes in about 20 minutes, insures accuracy both of the data and the data entry. It is also blazingly fast.

  • Quick and easy to use. Just create a contest, add teams, set number of tables, and set judges per table. Start scoring!
  • Quick and easy to score. Compete scoring within minutes of the last score card entry.
  • Can score any BBQ contest large or small.
  • Unique “Touch Wheel©” FAST score entry system.
  • Our “Verify Score Card” routine guarantees accurate results.
  • Break ties manually or automatically.
  • Multiple devices can be used to score a contest without an internet connection, cell connection, or WiFi router.
  • Can score teams blind using only a team number.
  • Fully Customizable. Configure the rules any way you want!
  • Has default rules for:
    • KCBS – Kansas City Barbeque Society
    • PNWBA – Pacific Northwest BBQ Association Lite
    • PNWBA – Pacific Northwest BBQ Association Regular
  • Designed to handle rules for:
    • FBA – Florida BBQ Association
    • BBQ Brethren
    • MBN – Memphis Barbecue Network Preliminary
    • MBN – Memphis Barbecue Network Final
  • Winners Reports, Team Reports, and Judges Reports produce PDF’s for sharing or printing.
  • Fully supports Apple and third-party sharing including AirPrint, Files, DropBox, Sync, Email, AirDrop and others.
  • Import and export contest to and from any Apple Sharing service.
  • Many User Interface settings to suit individual needs.
  • Team information is saved on the device for future use including mailing lists.
  • In context help (tap on info icon).
  • Printable extended help.

For more information see our affiliate site or look on the Apple App Store