1. Where are the GPS export files stored?
 The export files are accessed from iTunes on your computer. To find the files use the following procedure:
    • Open iTunes on your computer.
Plug in your device or otherwise connect it so it shows in iTunes under the devices section on the left.
    • Select your device.
    • In the main screen area, select the “Apps” tab.
    • At the very bottom (make sure you scroll down) of the screen there is a section labeled “Apps”.  In this section, select “LogGPS”.
    • Your export file should show up in the box to the right.  You can drag the correct file to your desktop or select it and click the button “Save to…” to save the file to your computer.  The export file name ends in “csv”.  The other file you will see is the database file itself.  Currently, there is no practical way to use this file other to save it for backup purposes.
  2. How are exported files deleted?To delete exported files highlight the filename in iTunes and hit the delete key on the keyboard of our computer (not iPhone or iPad). Please be sure to not delete the database (file ending in .sqlite) as this will permanently delete all of your data.
  3. What file types are exported and how are they named?
 The export button creates two files each named “LogGPS_Export_Date_Time”, where “Date” is replaced with the current date and “Time” is replaced with the current time. One of the files will have an extension of “.csv” for comma separated value format and the other will have the extension “.gpx” for GPS eXchange format. The gpx file can be used to import the information into other programs like Google Earth. The csv file format is handy for importing the information into spreadsheets.
  4. How do I notify the developers of a bug or request a feature?  The developers can be contacted via email address .