myPolitics FAQ

  1. Why can’t users add their own issues to myPolitics?Because we feel it is important to make sure the issues and available options are free of political bias. While a lot of people are very capable of writing unbiased questions and answers, the problem is that political operatives are paid to get people asking the wrong questions. These political operatives scan the internet for ways to bias the discussion in favor of their own political ideology and are much more active than the average person who does not spend a lot of time on politics.
  2. How do I get my issue added to myPolitics?There are two ways to get this done. If your ideas originates from an existing issue in myPolitics then simply add a comment. The developers review these comments to determine additions and changes to myPolitics. The second way to email us at .

    Unfortunately, we cannot respond directly to issue add requests since the aforementioned political operatives tend to scream very loud to get their way in hope that we will simply give in.

  3. Some of the questions seem a bit biased, why is that?The questions are based on facts. Most of the modern media has been bought by one political party or the other. Corporate environments and informal groups are increasing restricting free speech to only politically correct speech. The result is that some of the questions may not be what you are used to hearing or reading. We do not strive to be politically correct or the lap dog of one political party or the other. We believe in asking questions that make people think and reason. People routinely discount facts, and we just want to be sure they understand the facts when they provide their opinion.

    If you think any question is not based on fact, then please let us know and send us the relevant facts. It is entirely possible that we made a mistake or overlooked something during our research.

    If you think we have left out a viable position, then please let use know. Our goal is provide a way for everyone to be able to express their opinion within the limits of logic and clear reasoning.

  4. Some of the positions available for some issues seem to be silly. Why is that?When we have been out talking with people or listening to the news, we have encountered some surprising positions. Our goal is to let everyone express their opinion, no matter how silly that position may seem once any emotion has been removed.
  5. What is the political ideology of the developers?We believe that there is a clear disconnect between the political parties in Washington D.C. and the voting public. The problem we see with the political parties is not what they say, but is very much what they do, or don’t do. They promise everything, including lying about the facts, in order to get elected, then follow their own private agenda after the election. For all practical purposes they ignore the people until its time to vote again. Sure they get behind a few issues, but these issues are ones that promote their private agenda. In this regard, we do not see any significant differences between the major parties. We consider ourselves uncommitted skeptics that try to look past the rhetoric.